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Mental Health is your business, too.

Our modern life incredibly stressful. Burnout is on the rise and we are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis.

And the problem is that that stressed and anxious brains cannot be creative or perform well.

Your mind is your most important asset

We go to the gym to take care of our bodies, but what about our minds?

Your mind are arguably the most important asset you have.

The mind enables you to think, process information, experience all of what life has to offer, create and connect with others. What could be more important than that?

Wellbeing Coaching benefits

What are the benefits of Mental Wellbeing Coaching?

Feel less stressed

Reduce stress and avoid burning out (which would set you back years and years).

Work fewer hours with better output

Develop effective systems to work with distractions and develop consistent focus. Get more done while working fewer hours.

Be fueled by your energy

Have more energy at the end of the day for what matters.

Actually enjoy life (again) and feel more connected with others

Spend more time on what you love, get out of the busyness hamster wheel and feel a deeper connection to others.

My services

I offer solutions on an individual as well as company-level to improve mental wellbeing.

1:1 Coaching

Personal Coaching programs to increase your mental wellbeing and level-up your effectiveness. Learn how to master your mind and get back into the driver seat of your life. A great combination of taking action and creating a space for more wellbeing.

Team Retreats

Unforgettable Team Retreats & Experiences in the Swiss Mountains. The only retreat that helps your team recalibrate, reconnect and perform better together as humans.

Circles for Business Owners

Accountability and support for elevated mental fitness and performance as a solo-business owner.

Hi, my name is Joanna

I created Beyond Well on a mission to help others leverage their minds for better performance and increased happiness.

I am a qualified Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching London). I also have an MBA and over 12 years of business experience in international companies including telecommunications and biotech.

In the past, I have designed and run team building and retreats with challenges in Mont Blanc and Morocco. I also got trained in mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn (who brought mindfulness to medicine), and have meditated thousands of hours over the last 15 years.

This unique skill mix allows me to bring together mental wellbeing, productivity and business success. I have now incorporated everything I've learned into a powerful coaching toolkit for 21st century mental wellbeing.

I can’t wait to work with you to improve your mental wellbeing and performance.

They say


Senior Consultant

“The coaching experience with Joanna was very helpful in allowing me to see the things holding me back and enabling me to take steps to overcome them.

I highly recommend working with Joanna, and seeing what good coaching can do, to help us recognize and overcome obstacles, and achieve goals that are meaningful to us.”


Translator & Interpreter

“Before beginning coaching with Joanna, I was going through a difficult point in my life, where a lot of changes were happening/needed and I was completely lost as to where to begin, what I wanted to do and how to tackle 100 mph thoughts in my head and physical actions that needed to follow! Joanna didn’t waste any time and got to work right away! Almost immediately, I started noticing changes in how I approach everything in life, including how to structure my thoughts and see what is really important. I am happy to say that I have ticked off pretty much all the goals I have set out at the beginning of the coaching.”



"Joanna is a patient and caring coach. She allows you to speak your mind and watch where it flows naturally. My hardest challenge was opening up and talking about myself at the beginning, however she allowed me to ease into this comfortably. By the end of our sessions I realised what my values were and gained the courage to stick by them and make a big life decision. Our sessions supported me through a difficult transition phase in my life for which I'm so grateful."


Entrepreneur, Founder Wortheldin

"Before working with Joanna, I had set up an online business but never got it fully running. I was scared of getting out there and didn’t know where to start and what to focus on. I lost a lot of energy by putting too much pressure on myself. I tried to do everything at the same time, and in the end, the output stayed very small while losing a lot of energy.

Through coaching with Joanna, I was able to focus on the important steps to make, to set (and meet!) realistic goals, establish a marketing- and sales plan that I felt good with. At the same time, she gave me the perfect tools to work on my self-worth and resilience."

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Download my FREE guide and get rid of overwhelm once and for all with these five effective strategies that you can start applying today. 

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