From my heart to yours

by Joanna

In the picture: Lori Spencer visits her mom, Judie Shape, 81, who Spencer said had tested positive for the coronavirus, at Life Care Center of Kirkland, the Seattle-area nursing home at the epicenter of one of the biggest coronavirus outbreaks in the United States, in Kirkland, Washington, on March 11, 2020. Jason Redmond / Reuters


From my heart to yours:
We gotta keep going
because the world needs us
right now.


The situation seems so hopeless
and we feel powerless…


While people are fighting to save lives
day in and day out — tirelessly.


We gotta keep going…
even though it’s harder than ever,
even though we are drained,
even though it seems dark.


We gotta keep going…
for those who lost their jobs,
for those who saw their revenue melt away,
for those who are sick.


We all have a gift…
that can help others in need.
Use it!
Give it away generously.


We are human,
we are vulnerable,
we are afraid,
but we are resilient.


In extraordinary times
we need extraordinary courage.


Facing our limitations
is a chance to wake up
to what’s most important 
in life.


A little bit is better than nothing.
Kindness goes a long way.
You can lift others up 
with your words and your actions.


There is always someone struggling 
more than you.
Go out there,
and do whatever you can.


We gotta keep going
because the world needs us
more than ever.
Every single one of us.




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